“GreenLeko” Reproduct (Poultry farming)

Biological attributes:
  • high metabolic energy (376 kcal).
If the product is added to the feeding recipe, it helps to:
  • reduce diet cost;
  • reduce amount of high-energy components in diet;
  • improve immune status of birds;
  • extend rooster's reproductive functions from 40 weeks;
  • raise the rate of hatching eggs.
The product is an alternative to:
  • immunostimulants;
  • meat and bone meal;
  • drugs for reproductive functions of birds;
  • Vitamin E;
  • Se (selenium);
  • Zn (zinc);
  • polyunsaturated fatty acids (PUFAs). Omega 3, Omega 6;
  • methionine feed;
  • fishmeal;
  • antibiotics (partial replacement).
Advisable application pattern:
  • opening rate 1-10 days – from 4 to 5%;
Advisable application pattern for breeders:
  • for roosters – 2-4% (during whole period);
  • for laying chickens – 1-2% (keep in mind that the content of linoleic acid is 3%).
Advisable application pattern for breeders:
  • for productive laying chickens (during growth period) - 1-28 days;
  • recommended input is 3-4%;
  • for productive laying chicken (pre-laying period; for improvement of egg production and reduction of rejected eggs (dirty, "pebble" marking, etc.) of the age of 105–150 days — 2-3%;
  • polypropylene bags of 20-40 kg;
  • during large shipment (720 kg) bags are arranged on a wooden pallet wrapped with stretch tape.
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