“GreenLeko” Start (Fish farming)

Biological attributes:
  • high metabolic energy;
  • strengthens the immune system;
  • develops regular reproductive system;
  • increases resilience and quality of fish stocking material.
The product is an alternative to:
  • various growth stimulants;
  • up to 45-50% of fishmeal in the recipe;
  • vitamin E.
  • 30-35% protein;
  • natural a-tocopherol (300-6000 mg / kg);
  • 6-10% lipids;
  • 40-50% of carbohydrates, represented mainly by sugars;
  • 4-5% ash content.
Due qualitative and quantitative composition of essential amino acids (up to 35%), polyunsaturated fatty acids (up to 80%) and the vitamin-mineral composition these components comply with all needs of salmon fish.

  • polypropylene bags of 40 kg;
  • during large shipment (1000 kg) bags are arranged on a wooden pallet wrapped with stretch tape.
Advisable application pattern:
  • starter feed for avelins, hatchlings and fingerlings (weight up to 5-10 g) – 44%;
  • production feed for trout (weight from 5-10g to 50g or commercial size) – 49-52%;;
  • production feed for trout (weight more than 50 g) – 64-67%;
  • "GreenLeko Start" can be used as a mono-diet in case of temporary absence of full-fledged compound feeds or as a necessary measure. It does not negatively affect the health of fish, but it leads to growth rate decrease by 1.5-2 times compared to standard compound feeds (feeding ratio of 1.5-1.7).
Protein vitamin-mineral concentrate "GreenLeko Start" might be used as an adhesive, biologically active and antioxidant supplement to all types of fish compound feed.

There are good reasons to add these products to paste-like feeds in an amount of 10-20% for feed mixture fastening; it helps to prevent fast washing of feed mixture and enrich it with protein, fats, easily digestible carbohydrates and vitamins.