“Gepaoks” Premium (Pig Farming)

Biological attributes:
  • high metabolic energy (376 kcal);
  • hepatoprotector properties; the product neutralizes toxins and enhances the detoxifying function of liver, enhances hepatocyres synthesis, improves metabolic processes;
  • enhances ATP production, increases energy level of liver cells, creates prerequisites for food intake management;
  • local anti-inflammatory effect, prevents viral invasion;
  • reduces development rate of various pathogens (including clostridia).
If the product is added to the feeding recipe, it helps to:
  • reduce diet cost (compared to expensive sorbents usage);
  • improve immune status;
  • increase feed energy status;
  • minimizes necessity of expensive feed methods of intoxication effects reduction.
The product is an alternative to:
  • sorbents;
  • vitamin E;
  • Cr (chrome).
    • polypropylene bags of 20-30 kg;
    • during large shipment (1000 kg) bags are arranged on a wooden pallet wrapped with stretch tape.
    Advisable application pattern:
    • 0.5-2.0kg / 1t of compound feed (depending on toxin load of the feed).