“GreenLeko” Optima (Pig farming)

Biological attributes:
  • high metabolic energy (15,0 mJ);
  • increases rate of livestock survivability;
  • improves feed conversion rates.
If the product is applied for replacement and lactating gilts, it helps to:
  • increase feed intake;
  • increase percentage of heat;
  • increase milk capacity of sows.
If the product is applied for piglets, it helps to:
  • increases rate of piglets survivability;
  • increase weaning weight;
  • significantly reduce stress during switching to dry feed.
The product is an alternative to:
  • various growth stimulants;
  • recipe milk constituents (milk replacers, defatted milk replacers, serum);
  • fishmeal;
  • flavor enhancers and sweeteners;
  • vitamin E.
    Advisable application pattern:
    • for average daily gain improvement: add 5-7% of "GreenLeko Optima" into pre-starter feed and 5-8% to CK-4; the diet is balanced in accordance with nutrition matrix;
    • for average daily gain improvement (during nursery): add "GreenLeko Optima" into cereals at a ratio of 1:1 (with pre-starter feed or CK-4) and water at a ratio of 1:2,5 of mixture to water;
    • for improvement of breeding sow milking capacity and weight of weaned piglets: add 3-4% of "GreenLeko Optima" into CK-2.
    • polypropylene bags of 20-40 kg;
    • during large shipment (1000 kg) bags are arranged on a wooden pallet wrapped with stretch tape.